Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives

In 2023, we adopted a new Corporate Value to reduce our environmental impact. As a result, we have established three pillars in our Environmental & Social & Governance (ESG) strategy as outlined below. Our goal as an organization is to be a beneficial trading partner for our carriers, brokers, and insureds who we serve. When our counterparties look at their own impact and that of their trading partners, we want to help them lower their impact – not add to it. We are proud of the work we have accomplished thus far to track our carbon emissions to scope-2, and aim to be a carbon neutral organization by 2030. We have also invested in education opportunities to train our own team to develop a deeper understanding of our ESG practices, embracing a true culture shift in our organization.


We have begun to expand our carbon emissions tracking to scope-3, following which we will develop reduction strategies with an aim to be carbon neutral by 2030, or sooner We are proud that both our Vancouver and Toronto offices are already carbon neutral.

2. REDUCING CARBON/waste impact of insured property losses

We are working with EcoClaim to divert waste materials from property losses away from the waste stream into recycling and reuse. We are proud to be the first fully certified MGA organization with EcoClaim.

Reference EcoClaim (https://ecoclaim.ca/) for consulting help and information, also insurance industry scope-3

3. REDUCING the impacts of climate change and increasing the resilience of canadian communities

Achieved by supporting The Nature Force, a partnership between Ducks Unlimited and the Insurance industry. We are committed donors, and the first MGA partners, of The Nature Force and will also look to donate employee-time through volunteering to support projects that restore wetlands and protect our communities as opportunities arise.

Reference Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Force (https://www.thenatureforce.com/)